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Mexico City Free Tour 

Mexico City Free Tour is a tour developed by E-Z Trips Travel Agency, we are committed to make fun and easy trips for you during your staying in Mexico.
We would love for you to have a full experience in our country by providing you with the appropriate information about Mexico’s culture, history and heritage.
Our expert certificated tour guides will take you for a walking tour around some of the most important highlights of the Historical Center.
This 2 ½ hours tour will bring you close to some of the most iconic buildings and monuments of this imposing city through its stories and legends including:
  • The Alameda Park

  • The Palace of Fine Arts

  • The Latin American Tower

  • Madero Street

  • The house of the Blue Tiles

  • The 1st Franciscan Monastery of the Americas

  • The Iturbide Palace

  • The Borda House 

  • Mexico city’s Main Square (Zocalo)

  • Plaza of the Fundation

  • City Hall

  • Third oldest University of the Americas

  • The Oldest Mint of the Americas

  • National Palace (Diego Rivera’s paintings)

  • The Templo Mayor ruins

  • The Metropolitan Cathedral

       … and more

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at 10 AM and 2 PM

Starting point for our Mexico City Free Tour is at the main entrance of The Palace of Fine Arts a.k.a. Palacio de Bellas Artes.
NOTE: It is very important for you to arrive at the starting point within 10 minutes of anticipation to avoid any delays on the scheduled tours.

Our Free Tour will always be guaranteed quality due to the fact that all guides are certified self-employed specialized official guides, well informed, enthusiastic and passionate, and they are willing to share their knowledge with all their guest regardless of  their budget so everyone can enjoy Mexico City.

Although the guides work on a tips-only basis and get no compensation from our host city, they are happy to provide and deliver an unforgettable experience; we believe if money is given, it should be voluntary and in direct proportion of the quality of their performance and the traveler’s budget which it will be well appreciated as well as your applause.

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